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Recruitment Partnership

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A strategic recruitment solution

A unique part of our service is the Recruitment Partnership. Our primary aim is to take the weight of recruitment off your shoulders and provide a long-term, strategic, sustainable solution tailored to your organisation's needs.


The service

Unlike traditional Recruitment & Selection where one or a few vacancies are usually picked up, we can take the entire recruitment process off your hands, both at operational and strategic level. Recruitment Partnership is the most suited when there are multiple or recurring vacancies.

Using a proactive approach, we anticipate potential developments in the organisation that may lead to recruitment issues. By really understanding your organisation, we can provide tailor-made advice and adjust our services on a weekly basis according to your recruitment needs.

By working closely together and sourcing for multiple vacancies simultaneously, we realise on average a 50% lower cost-per-hire than traditional Recruitment & Selection.

The advantages
  • Proactive approach
  • Versatile knowledge and skill
  • Building talentpools
  • Strategic solutions
  • Scale our services up or down weekly
  • In-house recruitment
  • Modular service: Determine your exact needs with our flexible offering

The components

Recruitment Partnership consists of several components including vacancy intake by consultants, job profiling, sourcing by recruiters, setting up talent pools, telephone screening, in-depth interviews and strategic recruitment advice can be tailored exactly to your recruitment needs. You can decide which components we focus on, ensuring a tailor-made solution that perfectly suits your organisation. The package of services distinguishes between the more operational and the more strategic facets of recruitment. Our recruiters deal with the operational side, while the consultants take care of the strategic issues.

  • Job intake
  • Writing the job profile
  • Sourcing by recruiters
  • Online job posting
  • Setting up talentpools
  • Telephone screening of candidates
  • In-depth interviews with candidates
  • Strategic recruitment advice

Curious? Contact us!

Are you curious about what Recruitment Partnership can do for your organisation? Then feel free to contact Bob!