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Interim Management

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The perfect match within 48 hours

Has a sudden resignation, illness or long-term leave of absence left you with a gap to fill? Need temporary specialist knowledge for a period of rapid growth or new product or system development? Or maybe you just want a professional to kick-start a major change management project or significant change in direction. Speed and agility are vital in all these situations. At Habilis, we understand that. Fortunately, we can find you a suitable expert for any interim assignment. Just give us 48 hours.

The ability to rely on interim managers is essential. They must be able to hit the ground running and achieve results rapidly, often in complex settings. No problem. Our concept is solid. We don't go looking when you come asking because we're already in contact with the best in the market: from all-rounders to specialists, from middle-managers to senior executives, and active in every industry. This allows us to react quickly and to give you that crucial capability in next to no time.